Organic Gardening Books

Best Organic Gardening Books

There are many books on GARDENING and ORGANIC GARDENING, some of them are classical, and some of them are very new and interesting. I have read many of them, and these are probably the best (if you want to buy some of them in AMAZON, just click on the picture):


1. The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible, from Edward Smith


The Vegetable Gardener's Bible

It is a great book. It is essential for vegetable gardeners. It is a fantastic reference manual for those who love vegetable gardening. It is very well edited, with nice pictures, friendly, and writes with accessible language.

Edward Smith is serious gardener, a great expert about vegetable gardening. In his book you can find invaluable resource and many details about his successful system “Organic methods, Raised beds, Wide rows, Deep soil …”. Like Erika Mitchell says in her review “is very informative, the text is clear, and the pictures are quite helpful, making the book useful for experienced gardeners as well as beginners”.

You should consider to buy it !!!