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A fun way to learn about growing potatoes in a bucket! Video by Topic Simple ( Music by David Newberry (http://www.davidnewberry.c… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • jakub28091 1 year ago


  • scott Foss 1 year ago

    cool video.

  • O7ROADKING 1 year ago

    great video thanks for posting

  • don Juan 1 year ago

    loved the video. Excellent!

  • don Juan 1 year ago

    loved I

  • MrLucasConroy 1 year ago


  • ThePrepperJournal 1 year ago

    hahahahahahaha fun video!!

  • TopicSimple 1 year ago

    Good tip, thanks for saying that. It was hard to fit that in the lyrics but you are right!

  • fakku 1 year ago

    NOTICE: Do not dump out the potatoes as soon as the leaves turn brown. After the upper part of the plant dies off is when the roots, the potatoes, grow. Do not water, but wait 2 to 3 weeks before digging them up.

  • TopicSimple 1 year ago

    ¡muchas gracias

  • batichica62 1 year ago

    no solo es excelente la idea, la animación y la música también! congratulations! :)

  • XxMagicMezziexX 1 year ago

    I may survive at uni after all.. xD

  • TopicSimple 1 year ago

    We’d love to! It might take 6 or 7 years, but we’d love to!

  • TopicSimple 1 year ago

    Yes. Multiple listens/viewings are highly encouraged.

  • NeoDarkArckana 1 year ago

    Brock from Space Ghost, Coast-to-Coast will be thrilled to hear the news!!

  • mikeltv1 1 year ago

    Find dandelion seeds, plant them and you have weed, or find those huge plants with spikes on them.

  • grem reaper 1 year ago

    ok to grow weed?

  • trek2space 1 year ago

    No, I did the same lol

  • SSproductions5 1 year ago

    is it bad if i listened to this atleast 20 times? …

  • activist911 1 year ago

    U think its silly i say bUCK it

  • Maria Mangera-Willeke 1 year ago


  • TopicSimple 1 year ago

    Check the description for more info!

  • TheGerogero 1 year ago

    Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew.

  • Christian Amdi Jensen 1 year ago

    I need to stop smoking.

  • LOOPYMOOCOW 1 year ago

    1:20 congratulations, that just become a gif.