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Living in the Northeast doesn’t mean you have to stop gardening in winter! Patti converts her enclosed porch into an indoor garden. Video Rating: / 5

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  • SuperExtremeLiving 1 year ago
  • Jennifer Langley 1 year ago

    Very nice!  Can I ask where you got the first wood shelf unit you got?

  • Calvin Rhoderick 1 year ago

    rabbit pellets is what rabbits eat that was rabbit poop she used.

  • allen2905 1 year ago

    loved the video….will be making shelves for all my south windows…thx for the idea

  • Justin Lau 1 year ago

    are rabbit pellets safe or does it need a finishing period much like cow or horse manure. 

  • Kee g 1 year ago

    what wonderful tips! good video!

  • Jaclynn Tenbrinke 1 year ago

    how long did you let the water sit before using it?  As in; how long does it take for the chemicals to evaporate from tap water?  

  • jason inoa 1 year ago

    Great video! Thanks!

  • MIKESTERVISION 1 year ago

    I liked your video and I subbed but gloves would have been good with the rabbit pellets. JS :)

  • Xavier BenJamin 1 year ago

    Thnkayou jesus)

  • 73SDR 1 year ago

    You used screws that are longer than your plywood is thick, so you've got the ends of the screws poking through the bottom, from your L-brackets!